i-Guardian Launches First-Ever Data Integration and Predictive Analytics Platform to Prevent Child Abuse

 i-Guardian, an innovative non-profit startup, has announced the launch of a ground-breaking platform dedicated to the fight against child abuse.

i-Guardian is comprised of medical, technical, and business professionals dedicated to resolving the problem of ‘data silos’, which has long impeded efficient response and resolution in the more than 700,000 child abuse cases seen in the United States.

The charitable startup aims to bolster the collaboration between hospitals and the front liners in child abuse prevention through a multifaceted solution that facilitates detection, collective action, investigation and information sharing.

The platform dubbed SHIELD (Search Hub for Innocents and Endangered Lives Data), which leverages iSolve’s Advanced Digital Ledger Technology ™ for encrypted data sharing, empowers seamless yet secure integration by tracking and monitoring child abuse data across hospitals, government agencies and advocacy groups to accelerate early detection, intervention, and prevention of child abuse incidents.

SHIELD is built upon a cloud-based, encrypted data infrastructure compliant with HIPPA and GDRP, which will enable real-time monitoring, notification and reporting to critical caregivers.

SHIELD also introduces predictive analytics and artificial intelligence that the creators say will transform the fight against child abuse from reactive to proactive.

SHIELD represents our commitment to use our expertise in Health and Technology to provide leading-edge solutions to assist in child abuse prevention.” said Dr. George Hsu, Executive Medical Officer at i-Guardian.  Hsu says they will deploy SHIELD to support transparent and secure incident tracking from a centralized enterprise platform. “We want to strengthen data accessibility on juvenile maltreatment cases, which we believe will support relevant agencies and hospitals in providing optimal patient care.”

The i-Guardian chief noted that while many organizations are investing efforts in strengthening child abuse protection, they don’t have the data or tools for real-time collaboration with medical and law enforcement professionals.

There have been many suggestions on how data should be effectively managed to improve efficiency in the fight against all forms of juvenile maltreatment However, not much has been done to create a framework that provides a complete solution to this problem between hospitals and advocacy groups and state agencies” he added.

“Our goal is to deploy visibility and transparency across the board by leveraging a centralized, peer-to-peer data architecture.”

Innovation is a bench stone of modern medicine.  Making improvements of how we care for patients is part of our calling as healthcare providers.  Almost daily, we hear of amazing new medical breakthroughs in almost every field of medicine.   Unfortunately, this pace of innovation has not reached the field of child abuse and because of this patients, families, and the healthcare system caring for them continue to pay a monumental cost.”

To ensure seamless integration and data accuracy, i-Guardian partnered with iSolve, LLC, a technology solution provider focused on innovation and automation in the Life Sciences industry, to create an Advanced Digital Ledger Solution (ADLTTM) framework for SHIELD.

Currently, most companies that promote child protection at the community level are small non-profit organizations. The critical challenge facing the sector is the need for a framework where the smaller organizations can integrate their efforts and resources for a larger impact on child protection practice and outcomes.

Prevention happens in partnerships; contact i-Guardian and learn how to be part of our team dedicated to improving the outcomes for child safety or support the mission to prevent child abuse by donating to their GoFundMe.



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