Why Child Abuse Prevention Needs Your Attention?

The War Against Child Abuse,


One of the biggest wars waged in the United States is the crusade against child abuse. Neglect in childhood is linked to increased mental health issues and higher crime rates, demonstrating that how we’re treated as children can shape who we become as adults. So, how is this war going? Probably not as well as you think or as well as we would like.

It’s reported that a full 20-30% of child abuse cases are missed by hospitals, and more than 60% of cases are neglected overall. Unfortunately, this number has only increased with the onset of COVID-19. The increased time spent at home has led to higher child abuse risks, and social distancing guidelines have made it more difficult for social workers to conduct home visits.

The pandemic has led to Child Protect Services (CPS) workers being overloaded with cases, making it difficult to accurately analyze abuse allegations. Of course, this only applies to existing allegations; it’s estimated that only 12-30% of child sexual abuse cases actually get reported to authorities.

While we may have groups dedicated to child abuse prevention, this problem extends beyond the government. It’s something that everybody who wants to create a better society can — and should — do something about. So, how do you get involved?

Contributing to Child Abuse Prevention,


There’s no doubt that technology has been used to make our lives easier. So, why not use it to make lives better? i-Guardian is a non-profit organization that uses technology to increase the accessibility of child abuse data across health care systems, government agencies and law enforcement, consequently raising awareness and preventing cases of child abuse. We achieve this through the SHIELD, a cloud-based program that offers secure, direct access to patient data and ensures that agencies receive information when needed. It uses:

  • Artificial Intelligence: We use AI to conduct predictive analytics, which helps us determine the likelihood of abuse cases. Our data is highly accurate, and we monitor vulnerable cases in real time.
  • Blockchain: All of our data is secured and protected from cyber threats. For instance, users are required to use digital keys to access data.
  • Digital Ledger: Our team is made up of leading experts in the security industry, as well as experts in life sciences.
  • Integrations: Our information is shared across agencies responsible for the welfare of children, reducing the chances of a case being overlooked.

While we do everything we can to make sure no child is being overlooked, we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in. Donations support our efforts for child abuse prevention by helping us enhance our technology and communication. Even just a dollar can make a difference in safeguarding the lives of our country’s children.