i-GUARDIAN: SHIELD against Child Abuse

Be part of i-Guardian SHIELD (Search Hub for Innocents and Endangered Lives Data). This is one-of-a kind cloud-based platform that helps hospitals and government agencies to share information and notify those responsible for child protection.

The enterprise platform is secure and transparent. Various agencies can share the child abuse information they collect in their daily activities for others to act on it and stop the vice.

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The SHIELD is a cloud-based program that ensures seamless integration between government agencies, law enforcement, hospitals, and advocacy groups. It makes use of the Distributed Ledger Technology that provides direct access to patient data in a secure environment. This ensures that the right agencies get this information on time to prevent future cases of child abuse.

Features of the i-Guardian SHIELD System:

  • It is a cloud-based platform for easy access
  • Real-time monitoring of vulnerable cases
  • Digital notification to relevant agencies
  • Secure storage and access of data
  • Uses AI to perform predictive analysis with high degree of accuracy
  • Users use a digital key to access the data, thereby ensuring safety
  • Data transparency and provenance

The SHIELD platform bring together transparency and security in a single enterprise platform. The lack of transparency and accessibility of child abuse data has been a key factor in hampering efforts to identify victims and bring the accused to book.

According to child maltreatment report released by UNICEF in June 2020, it was revealed that almost 300 million children aged 2-4 years suffered one of the several forms of psychological or physical punishment in the hands of caregivers or parents. Besides, 120 million girls under the age of 18 have faced at least one form of forced sexual contact. It also found that 1 in 13 and 1 in 5 women faced a form of sexual abuse when they were young.

These gleam statistics can be reduced as many organizations join the SHIELD system. Cases of child abuse happening at any corner of the country will be picked in real time, analyzed, and the relevant steps take as soon as possible. It will also help law enforcement agencies ensure justice to children who have been abuse victims and prevent offenders from repeating the crime.

Who are We?

i-Guardian is a non-profit organization that aims at using technology solutions innovate and enhance child safety. We strive to develop a transparent, fast, and secure system and notify those responsible for safeguarding the welfare and providing guardianship to the children.

Our team is made of individuals with extensive knowledge in life sciences and science technology. We put our experiences together to develop solutions that can assist in preventing and stopping cases of child abuse.

Be part of the initiative to safeguard our children

i-Guardian is a non-profit organization that relies on well-wishers to operate and develop various solutions to prevent child abuse. It is currently accepting donations from well-wishers who would like to be part of the exciting path to protecting children around the country. No donation is too small to make a change.

That Dollar will go a long way in ensuring that there are enough funds to fund research into different technologies, bring more stakeholders on board, and enhance communication across different agencies. It is time to create a difference in supporting the new way to safeguard the interests of our children.

How to donate

You can donate towards the noble initiative by following the instructions below. If any of the steps is not clear, you can always reach the customer service using the live chat option on our site.

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Thanks you for being part of our SHIELD initiative. Your donation will help fund our effort to use science technology in ensuring that our children are safe. We are transparent in the way we use our funds to facilitate research and support our programs. You can always find the information you require on our website.

For any inquiries on the same, do not hesitate to drop us a line at our email or chat with our customer service team.